Getaway testimonials

Getaway Testimonials

Snippets of some of the fabulous stories of some of our guests. A little bit of what you can expect.

Picturesque Venue, Delicious In-House Catering

As a wedding videographer, I get to see weddings with a critical eye from a unique perspective. I can honestly say that the footage that comes back from a wedding at Willow Oaks Plantation is gorgeous. The venue itself is quaint yet glamorous, rustic yet elegant. I think my favorite feature is the backyard reception space beyond the main house. The stone porch overlooks a spacious field where the sun sets. There is a space for a live band and some rolling hills the kids seem to enjoy playing on. I got to sample some of the catering from Willow Oaks in-house caterer and the wood smoked meats were mouth watering. In conclusion, I am a BIG fan of this venue and the people who work hard to make it the way it is! Can’t go wrong!

— Kay Steele


Beautiful location!

We chose Willow Oaks plantation for several reasons: – beautiful view – have ceremony and reception in one location – very well kept grounds and facilities – we loved the calm and peaceful vibe We had a great time! It was definitely a great place :)

—  11.9.2013 Shelley and Harper Wald

Great venue

Willow oaks is absolutely gorgeous! The venue is very secluded. My only complaint was that it was chilly in the venue space. We had a winter wedding and the building was heated primarily by fireplace, which was very pretty. However, we were told that the fire would provide tons of warmth, but in the end we rented 2 heaters and were still chilly. Other than the looks of the plantation, the best part was the option for overnight accommodations. The entire bridal party was able to spend the night in 2 separate locations on the plantation…guys on one side and the girls on the other! It was great!!

— 12.31.2013 Amber and Michael Marshall

Willow Oaks Plantation is AMAZING!!!

Willow Oaks Plantation is an amazing setting for a wedding, and the staff are phenomenal to work with! I definitely recommend!!!!!!!!!

— Stacy and Ryan Warner

I wouldn’t have had reception anywhere else!

It’s beautiful and southern just the way I wanted it. I received a lot of compliments about Willow Oaks. I absolutely loved the scenery and the pavilion were my reception was at!

— June 21, 2014 Kayla and Erik Teague



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